Giving the World some Texture (Texture Mapping)

Long story short, my texture artist got lazy and painted everything lilac. I asked her to texture things properly, but once again I had to swoop in, and rescue the day with my terrible, terrible texturing skills.

Here is a barrel, there are many like it, but this one is mine.Here is my attempt at texturing a barrel. It looks like something from a videogame, says almost everyone.

Here is a signHere is the sign. Originally it was lilac with a texture only where the sign’s picture was. I cleaned up the UV map, textured it with a coffee-stained wood, and changed it to a Phong E, and added a nice little bump map to it, then I added some more mesh to that when it rendered, it would look real sweet.

Then I accidentally lost the file and did it all over again. Hooray!

I am not a texture artist. But, it was pretty fun to do. Wenjie’s mesh was nice to work with when it wasn’t overcomplicated.

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