Bringing the Dead to Life (Animation)

This was the part that I was simultaineously anticipating and dreading. I loathe doing 3D animation and love 2D, and wanted someone else to do the 3D part. Alas, this was not to be, as noone else wanted to do it. So, swallowing my pride, I set to the arduous task of animating what was possibly the worst rig ever to be invented.

It did not go well.

Here is the first shot I animated, and my favorite. The rendered version is, unfortunately, broken, so this is all I can supply.

Here is another shot I animated.

Here is a sign I rigged and animated. It is merely two set driven keys, one for the chain and the sign, one for the sign alone. It creates a nice little bit of follow through.

Here are some of the 2D pieces I animated. They are rough, as Nunu was in charge of the cleanup.

And a special effects shot I animated for a sword slash, in the shape of the elder sign the hero wears as a broach around his neck:


I do not think I left myself enough time to animate the characters on this project. I only managed to get to the animation towards the end of the project, after doing everything else necessary on the project, and for this I am saddened, since I loved doing the animation, even if the rig was terrible and nothing worked like I had planned it. My animation was floaty and indistinct on the plague doctor, and too snappy and abrupt for the hero. I lost all pretense of subtlety and in hindsight, I probably should have designed the character better.

I did enjoy animating the plague doctor’s shadow, however. That was really fun.

Live and learn though, eh?

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