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Pencil Test with a Pencil Tester Setup

Need to work out the white balance and stabilise it a bit, but the scene’s working out pretty well.

More Pencil Tests

Today, I worked on two more bits of animation for the first scene, and the keys for another part:

The replacement tail swish, which I think is smoother. I also shortened the length of the snout because it was horribly off model and too long, making the character look ugly.

And the belly rumble, which I don’t think is quite finished yet. Hmm, something is wrong with it.

Will work more later!

Production – The First Scene

This week I have been working on the first scene of my film, and it contains a surprising amount of complexity for such a simple scene. In order to give myself time and spark to work on the more intensive scenes, me and Peter worked out how to do the aligator’s acting using limited animation, and Neil advised me on how to create the perfect pose for the attitude of the gator.

Not having set up my line tester yet (though a webcam is on it’s way!!) I was animating blind, having only the time honoured skills of rolling and flipping to guide me. I think it went rather well, considering. There’s still a lot of work to do (in both inbetweening and the animation) but I’m confident that I’ll be able to do it.

Preliminary tests

Talking of the first scene, I also pencilled out the layout for it, something that took me on-and-off about two days. Quite slow considering the amount of layouts I need to get through, but still, it’s a start.

Long Pan Shot