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Hey there!

First and foremost, I am an animator. I love making videogames and drawing cartoons, and working to impossible restrictions, like the EGA colour palette, or limited frames of animation.

I have loved doing animation all my life, though mostly in low resolution sprite form until I learnt to do it by hand. Recently, I have researched 3D graphics, and though it isn’t my main focus, I am able to quickly pick up it’s theory and build on it. I enjoy rigging the most, and modelling second, but 3D animation still eludes me. It won’t for long, though!

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  1. Satori says:

    Heya! This is just to let you know that the Furry Mafia has noticed ‘Heatwave’, and we’re currently featuring it on the frontpage over at JayIsGames.com if you’d like to stop by. Please do also keep us notified if or when you release other titles, as we’d love to consider them for another potential review. A poke over at @SatoriTindalos on Twitter is best, although satori@jayisgames.com works too. Thanks for making this, and for representing furry so well.

    Be well,

    – Satori

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