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Colour Test

Tested colouring the lineart. Lineart was scanned in, parts too light to see were darkened digitally, then the white was removed. It’s good, though I think I’ll have to work on cleaning it up more.

Gator Collapse Final Pencil Test

Finally finished a scene!

Pencil Test

Pencil Test with Background

I may go back to this scene, but for now I’m happy with it.

WIP Background Matte

Backgrounds are a lot more headache inducing than animation is, my god. This isn’t finished yet.

Gator Collapse Test

Not too happy with how this one’s coming out, it might need some redrafting. Happy with the impact, it’s felt. Dunno what’s going on with his feet, I’m not sure what to do with them.

Also switched to Vimeo, since that handles short clips A LOT better than Youtube does.

Delicious Fish Matte

Using the sketch as a base, I painted this to be as delicious as possible. If I do this to all of my backgrounds, using the sketch lines for my characters won’t be a problem.

Two more pencil tests

Gator Jump Pencil Test

Taking a break from the first scene to do another scene just to cleanse my palate.

Scene 1 Full Pencil Test

Today I animated a bridge between two key poses and stitched all the tests together. Unfortunately, I lost the hard copy of one of the arm frames so I omitted it from the test. I still have them scanned in, though, so it’s no bother to recover it.

I think it works out pretty nicely.