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Mississippi Mud Pie – The Finished Film

Finally, I can upload my finished film to my blog. What you see is the culimination of an entire year of work, and I’m quite proud that I could do it. I even won an award for it!

The journey I took to create this film was a long and arduous one, but one I would definitely undertake again. I think next time I will put more of an effort to create more rough cuts, as I am awful at organising. I am glad that I had Nico there to keep me on task.

Animating on paper has been some of the most natural, fun things I have done in terms of animating. It is my preferred method. I think I shall invest in a light box, and continue animating forever.

I am happy that this project is at an end, it means that I can work on my next project.

Rough Cut

Finally, the rough cut of my film has been created. The ending is still missing, but it’ll come in time. 90% of the animation is done. Compositing has already started, and soon I will have a finished film.

I’m really looking forward to seeing it done.

Gator Climb

The vast majority of my shots are done, only a few remain.

Some more pencil tests

Gator Lands

Gator Flies

Gator Apex

Three more pencil tests!

Colour Composite Test

With Nico helping me with colouring the frames, and Sam painting my backgrounds, I have progressed far further with my film than I could alone.

This test is to test the basic colours with the background and the water effects in a particular shot. The final film will be shot in After Effects rather than Photoshop.

Gator Sulk Test

Limited animation!

Seven More Seconds

I found the manual zoom on my webcam!

Second Part of Lift Test 1

Still need a lot of tightening up on this one.

Colour Test

Tested colouring the lineart. Lineart was scanned in, parts too light to see were darkened digitally, then the white was removed. It’s good, though I think I’ll have to work on cleaning it up more.

Gator Collapse Final Pencil Test

Finally finished a scene!

Pencil Test

Pencil Test with Background

I may go back to this scene, but for now I’m happy with it.