And Knowing is Half the Battle (Conclusion)

This project has been a real learning experience. A trial by fire, but an educational one. What better way to experience just how fragile an animation production is than to experience one burning right around you? An exercise in compromise, subterfuge and meddling, all topped off with mutiny and hidden loathing. What a fantastic way to learn, and that’s no lie.

My leadership skills are, admittedly, very poor. I have never had any luck with identifying faults and organising people.  I think I handled myself quite well, considering, even though there were several casualties along the way. My animation directorial debut was more successful than I imagined it would be.

Well, what have I learnt? I have brushed up on my rigging skills, and am now confident with set driven keys, expressions, and clusters, along with blend shapes and other such things. I have learnt more efficient UV Mapping, how to quickly animate scenes and most importantly, how to not get disheartened when everything goes to pot. I must have had about three nervous breakdowns in the course of this project, but even that has not stopped me from continuing.

Learning hown to quickly adapt to new troubles and incompetencies is one of the most valued skills I could ever learn. By being willing to get down and do any work that needed to be doing, regardless of my role, I feel I have lead a most productive role in this year’s project. Even if the project is unfinished and silent, I really have learnt more invaluable lessons than I would have had it not been the trainwreck it was.

In future, I will not make the following mistakes:

– I will not be too flexible with the animatic. Sometimes the simpler idea is better.

– I will not make a high poly film. 1000 plus a baked on lighting system is enough for me, as I enjoy low poly modelling.

– I will check the credentials of people to see where their strengths and weaknesses (both professional and regarding work ethic) lie.

– I will never, ever try to make something too ambitious on a moldy foundation.

There is nothing more for me to say, other than me and Nunu are still working on the film. It will get done, if it’s the last thing I ever do.

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