Mississippi Mud Pie – Character Texturing

Today I have been texturing my characters.

Neither are 100% finished, but I think I have made enough progress to post an update. Once these characters are complete, I will work on the environment.

The man is demonstrating the flipped normal polygon shader I researched, which is actually quite elementary. It will form the basis to most of the objects in my film, as I do not have enough polygons to do everything I want with the characters and props. His ear is the most obvious beneficiary of it.

Super Easy Shader Go!

Along with the UV Offset controls and Flipped Normal shaders, I will also be researching other ways to make my film look good while minimising the amount of work the renderer has to do. For example, a fake fresnel shader made with facing ratio hooked to transparency and some kind of colourisation. I’d know how to do it in a game engine, but not Maya, surprisingly!

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