Mississippi Mud Pie Model Sheets

I’m well into the preproduction for my newest animated short, “Mississippi Mud Pie”. Here are some model sheets for the two characters. Animatic pending!

The Gator

The main character is an alligator. I wanted him to contrast the posh man, so I made him short, squat, and with big, expressive eyes. It was difficult to have a chunky character who also has a high dynamic range of movement. To counteract this, and make him look more like a gator, I opted to make his upper arms thin so that animation wouldn’t be hindered by having to take into account fat deposits there. It also gives a rather nice contrast between body and forearm.

The hardest part of the design, and what required the most redrafting had to have been the legs. I tried to come up with a compromise between my usual “stubby” choice and the more lithe, but more animatable legs I kept drawing for him. The wholly stubby leg design would limit animation and movement.

The Posh Man

The Posh Man is the polar opposite of the aligator. Tall, lithe and composed, with a large cranium and hat (compared to the flattened cranium of the gator). I think the contrast will be fun to animate.

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